About us
About us

Illumino Service S.r.l. is headquartered in Bologna and, since 1982, has been active in the theater and entertainment sector, providing rigging, equipment, qualified personnel and all else required for any type of event or performance in Italy and abroad, including plays, concerts, conventions, trade fair stands, shows and exhibitions, fashion shows, discotheques and museum and architectural lighting.
In 2003 the company was expanded with the addition of new partners and became part of the Vancram Holding group, created specially to extend its presence in the architectural, museum and exhibition sectors and, more generally, in all those areas which have experienced significant growth in recent years, including in Italy, thanks to new technologies, for example LED-based technologies.

Vancram Holding brings together a number of different operations, each with its own area of expertise in one or more applications such as audio, video, staging technology and production. Illumino Service S.r.l. is its “jewel in the crown” thanks to its specialization in the design and supply of lighting systems and rigging including trusses, stages and roofing, as well as the organizational structure capable of assuring high quality and safety standards.

Illumino Service S.r.l. is a partner of the best-known and most-reliable brand names in the sector and, thanks to its policy of on-going investment, it can offer trained personnel and the latest in high-tech equipment and computer resources, such as software for advanced management of rented equipment and one of the most innovative programs for the “construction” and development of a show, from planning to performance.
Illumino Service S.r.l. is also a member of A.N.S. (Associazione Nazionale Service) and works with all key sector players, supplying its services to top Italian and foreign brands